Monday, June 25, 2007

Work continues

Like the mad scientist's labratory huh?

Just a few things cut up or in the process of being cut up . . .

So far so good . . . I was able to get the square tubing to fit in a round hole, and I'll gusset the joint as well as add a brace to triangulate things.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


So far I've only been able to disassemble a few things and that. I cut up one crank mount the other day from a bike with a 3 ring crank. I've got a 6 speed cassette on another bike, so I might be able to combine the two of them and have an 18 speed trike. I've got to looking at my other parts and pieces and I'm considering taking the women's 10 speed and chopping it up to make a long wheel base recumbent.
Long wheel base recumbent
Tadpole recumbent trike

Yea, they look unusual . . . but there is a reason I'm getting all these bikes for free . . . most people hate riding a bike! I want something comfy that I can get out and enjoy using and believe me the thought of a little bike seat scrunched up my rear isn't a pleasant thought. (I know, I could get a better seat, but that doesn't solve other issues also.) I have a lot of time right now and this is a good way to get some good experience with my welder on a project that is fun. I was hoping to work on my convertible, but replacement body panels parts to get it up and going are expensive. This will be a nice diversion.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Used Bike Store?

Yes, it looks like a used bike store around my house. I'm gathering victims for my first bike project, a recumbent "tadpole" style trike. What does that mean? It means the back half of a normal multi-speed bicycle, with two wheels up front with a laid back seat and the pedals out ahead of the front wheels. Once upon a time when I was a kid I wanted to build a bike. I even got a few frames together and got the parts -- my idea was to flip the frame around, swap the derailer (shifter) around and the wheel so the front wheel was the driving wheel. Then I would sit down low between two front wheels in a rear steer type setup. I experimented by fastening a skateboard to a bike the way I mentioned to see if I could make it work, but I never got past that stage. I never lost the itch for building things though. I got into motorcycles, go-karts, and mopeds eventually and my bicycling days went away. Recently though I decided I could use some exercise and biking has been my idea of a fun and cheap outlet for that. Of course when I was young I didn't have all the tools and neat stuff that I do now, so the idea to build a bike popped back in my head. I'm not going to do much trailblazing in new concepts though, I'm going to build something that is a proven design.

While I was carting away used bike parts, I happened upon a jogger frame. Talk about fantastic luck! The wheels are great for building a tadpole style trike, they have nice big bearings that can easily be replaced. (Normal front bike wheels have a very narrow bearing that doesn't like a lot of side loads.) I was very happy about that find. I started cutting up bike frames yesterday with my handy reciprocating saw. I can't wait to start welding things up for my first crack at a trike!


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