Monday, December 10, 2007


Ok . . . it's time for some changes in the ol' garage . . . I yanked down all my old open faced shelving . . it was never a great thing for the way my current shop/garage is setup. I used the shelving extensively at the house I used to have at the lake -- I had a 3 bay garage with tall ceilings and stored a lot of stuff there . . . hence the boxes. Now my garage is more of a work area than anything so I decided to get some cabinets.

I'm a cheapskate though . . . well, not only that, but I'm not going into debt and I don't make a lot. I decided to use cheap lateral file cabinets in the garage . . . these are so nice to use. I can put plastic storage containers in them and organize things, then shut everything up and not have the cluttered look. That also keeps the dust down to from when I'm sawing and that. The big purple one (pictures coming) was $10, the other one was $25, and the little three drawer high one was $10. I'm very happy with my purchases . . . one day I'll paint them all the same color to pretty them up. :-)

I also got another pair of car skates.

I had one pair of skates, which did make it easier to move a car around, since I could just put them under the rear end and roll it around, but with two pairs I'll really be able to get the car out where I need it to be and then roll it back away. Very handy.

That's about it . . . other than cleaning and organizing. I need to toss out a lot of stuff and get things more in order. I'm re-arranging where stuff goes and that . . I still need a place for bikes, as I've temporarily moved them in the house. Not a great solution in my book. In the spring I'd love to have another shed or something to store them in, but for right now we'll have to make do with what we have.

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