Friday, August 8, 2008

God's Guiding Hand

I shudder at the possibility . . . the pics make it seem so insignificant.
The frightening part was this was a "clip" on Interstate 70 this morning as I was braking for traffic . . . the rear tire is very close to having the bead blown out. The kid in the Mustang didn't stop . . . in fact, I had to call Peggy to take down the license plate while following him. When I finally got him to pull over he asked me to come up and look if the damage to his front wheel was repairable . . . it turns out it was just the rubber scraped on his rim . . . but the fact that he was so concerned about that is what I couldn't imagine. If there was just a small variance in ANYTHING this could have been a major crash. If it would have an inch further over it could have taken the rear wheel completely out, or off, or who knows.

God gives us each and every day and we can only wonder about TODAY'S events . . . and not worry about anything. There is NOT ONE THING that worry can change. It was God's guiding hand that kept a significant accident from happening . . . but I know if today would have been my day to meet God, that I would be totally prepared for that. I know my friends and family would immediately know where I would be. I know where I'll be, not because of what I do, or don't do, or what I give, or not give. It's not ANYTHING that I can do . . . aside from accepting God's grace into my life. Knowing that Christ died on the cross FOR ME. He took my punishment for EVERYTHING I have done, or will do. I only live my life like I do now because I want to please him -- to be an example of Christ in my life. I pray each day that I can be the father, husband, son, and friend to those people who matter the most in my life.

Today was just one other small episode in God's presence in my life. Things can literally change in a heartbeat. Don't let that heartbeat be your last before asking God in to know him further. Life is too short. Period.

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