Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Ok -- it's the little things in life that sometimes gives me a little joy. One of those things was getting my grandfather's ShopSmith finally up and operational. My dad had gotten it and had rebuilt the speed changer and added wheels to it, but then decided to just get a brand new one with all the goodies. I finally got it all setup with the newly welded legs and was just itching to cut anything. I found a little 1x2 board in the garage and plunked it down on the miter guage holder. I put it forward into the blade and it was jumping up and down and not at all happy. I tried it again and was met with the same issue, so I decided I'd quit while I still had all ten fingers . . . Peggy appreciates that aspect. :-)

I went back upstairs to read the manuals again and this time I caught one little point that I remember my dad remarking on -- the way the blade was facing on the arbor (attaching it to the machine). He said it was backwards, and sure enough, I double checked it and it was. I don't know how long it had been like that, as he had just boxed up what he could find and brought it from my grandparents home. With some quick action on the arbor flipping I was back in business and soon had a perfectly cut piece of wood. Yea!

Peggy and I have been planning to build some nice book cases for the basement to handle all of the books we have, but I think our first "get our feet wet" project might be something simpler, like perhaps a roll-out pantry for in the kitchen. That's something I've always wanted to tackle, and I think that it would be just enough to let me get a feel for how the thing should work and that. I'm thinking of a lot of different gift ideas for Christmas also . . . some other ways to see how this thing works and that. I'm quite excited to do some projects, because I've been kind of limited by the tools I had available to me. Now I have quite a selection of tools for accomplishing a wide variety of things. The only remaining thing to get is time!

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