Friday, January 30, 2009

Creating A Plan

So I have the dimensions of everything in the garage area, so rather than moving things multiple times in RL (real life) I’m going to create a model of the garage space and what I have in there now and see what would work and what wouldn’t work. One of my concerns is to segment the garage a bit better for metal working versus wood working. The welder/air compressor/etc.. should be in the far back left corner nearest to the fuse panel, because I have a dedicated plug right there where I can power them from. I’m currently thinking of using the items I have now to create a walled peninsula to designate the two different areas. That way sparks/etc.. from the welder and cut-off saw won’t have the potential to land on wood or mar anything on that side of things. I’m not for sure how it’ll work out, but that’s why it’s fun to have the Google Sketchup model here. I can put stuff where I want it, measure, and see what would work and what wouldn’t work. I’m not opposed to booting anything out of the garage, so it’s all fair game.

We were originally thinking of getting a Storage PODS and having it placed to take everything out of the garage and start from scratch, but the economic reality snuffed that idea out (over $200!). Instead we’ll take things out from one half, move them to our semi-finished basement and then do the re-arranging and put back. Not ideal, but far more economical.

From My Old Garage

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