Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Before Pic (Caution: Graphic images -- LOL!)

Ok . . . this is just ugly I know. Part of the reason for that is it’s actually “in process” because I moved some stuff to get a work surface that I moved into the basement area. I have a 4 foot high table and a hutch type table area that I moved into the basement area for doing electronics and computer type work on. That freed up some area along the back wall, but left me with a lot of mess that was being stored on the table. Ugh.

You can see the variety in storage cabinets and their “era” from the paint colors. Oh that lovely avocado color . . . and then basic white and even a smattering of brown. The only thing missing is harvest gold. The purple one was only $10. They’re hanging lateral file drawers and I bought them to replace open faced shelving and keep dust off things.

The plastic storage units I got for free . . . and the irony is the one on the bottom is empty. In fact a lot of my storage facilities are empty . . . they’ve never been adequately designated and items moved into for storage.

Yep, below shows a waterbed framed tool bench . . . my only storage area for tools when I was first starting out. I stacked the drawers together, screwed 2×6’s to the sides, and then put a door on top. (Hollow-core unfortunately!) The drawers were way too deep and were not on very sturdy slides at all . . . but it served it’s purpose. Now I have at least a Waterloo top box for my tool storage.

That file cabinet is OLD . . . very old . . . it might be 60+ years old if I was to take a guess . . . it has served as my catch-all for some things. Again . . . love the avocado.

Doesn’t everyone have an old console radio? That’s one of those things (under the window there and on a stand made from more waterbed parts holding it above the air compressor) that I’m happy to give up. It has great sound, and it’s plenty loud, but it takes up a lot of room in the process. I can find a surround sound stereo system and run a lot of wire instead.

Sniffle . . . the MG buried in dust. The back wall has some shelving that might be better for wood storage than it’s current purposes. I’d like to get pool chemicals out of the garage and under the deck or in the shed outside. Likewise the bikes should head that direction too. The storage shed needs to lose some mowers (inoperable . . . of course) and other items and be back to storing items just for the outside.

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