Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Whew, finally -- More Sawdust!

Well, Peggy and I finally were able to get a weekend time slot free with good weather to get outside and cut-up the plywood for the garage cabinets. I must admit, that I must have completely been out of my mind when I measured the side pieces. Peggy was looking at them and said they looked a bit tall . . . so I held them up above my workbench and was flabbergasted at the discrepancy. All my plans in Sketchup seemed to just have went out the window. Then when we were talking we realized that they certainly weren’t 2 foot tall—it was more like 3 foot tall! A little measurement taking and we realized that I had marked incorrectly the side pieces. DOH!

So, I cut all the side pieces off to the correct length and got the shelves cut out—all from one sheet of 4×8 crapwood . . . uh . . . I mean plywood. You can see the blazoned imprint right here . . . man, can we do NOTHING in this country anymore?

When we got done we were looking at the framing for the front of the cabinet face and decided maybe to just attach doors to the cabinet flush. Peggy had a great idea—to use dry erase marker board material for the door fronts to allow me to use them as a giant writing tablet.

I really appreciate Peggy so much. We spent all day working together on the shelves, and then about 8:30 PM, the day before the big Easter celebration we were having at our house . . . we discovered the garbage disposer had corroded through the side and was leaking profusely. We went and bought a new one when we got the dry erase material. We had it installed and ready to go by 11:30 PM . . . quite a feat . . . and leak free!

The next step will be finishing the doors and painting the cabinets. I’m so disgusted with the plywood quality . . . I really need to find a better source. I thought avoiding the big box stores (Lowes and Home Depot) would help, but the rinky dink lumber company (84 Lumber) had crap wood also. Grrr.

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