Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Viola! Garage Cabinets.

(Triumphant sound of music in the background . . . . )

The garage cabinets are finally done. Last night we cut the 2×4 we used for the french cleat on the back of the cabinets and the rail on the wall. That was a kind of terrifying experience . . . getting that much board through the Shopsmith at a 30 degree angle. I had my feather board on and pushing sticks—all the safety measures I could think of. The operation made a ton of saw dust that blanketed us . . . because I forgot to turn on the dust collector and hook it up. Sigh Cleaning up the mess was not very pleasant either, as I absently grabbed the Shopvac to attack it and Peggy noted it looked like as much was going in was going right back (Cough / Hack) out.

As you can see, the white board will be very handy. I’m a big proponent of white boards . . . I’ve designed many computer programs, database diagrams, and systems all on white boards, so our garage/workshop area should be just as organized.

Yea! A place (soon) for everything, and hopefully everything in it’s place! I just had to stick a few things in it to give it a lived in appearance. ;-)

The cleat system was THE way to go . . . hanging the cabinets was just easy, in fact scary easy. Peggy was quite amazed at how well that went. I had my doubts at first . . . I started the concrete drilling for the fasteners and wasn’t for sure I’d ever get through it. I wasn’t using a hammer drill, just my old Black and Decker 3/8” drill. That old drill has been the best tool ever . . . I used it to drive screws in the back deck, and everything in between. It’s quite amazing how well it’s held up. All that we had to do was put a board on the bottom of the cabinet to space them out from the wall, and then just hung them up. Very slick.

It’s slowly coming together!

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