Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Re-arranging The Garage . . . Again

Well, next up on the new “to-do” list is going to be getting my cantankerous dust collector settled in to a new spot.

The trash can with the separator is sitting on a platform (recycled out of an old boat step I made) and actually fits quite nicely. I’ve bungy-corded the whole thing together for now, but I don’t like how the inlet side works. My vision for this is to actually have a 90 degree out of the compressor that goes directly up through the middle of the trash can. It’s a bit weird to picture, but instead of using the separator lid, I’ll make my own lid with a spiral inducer there. That’s the thought at least. In the meantime, the garage will be shuffled and I’ll move the whole shebang over to where it will ultimately live.

Now with the new cabinets up I can work on getting things up and off my worksurfaces and stored adequately away. I need to go cabinet by cabinet through my existing storage and weed out bad/good, but in the meantime I can at least get work areas. This is getting feverishly close to pool opening season, mowing, season, and “where did our time go to” season on normal household stuff. My wife and I are active in our local church, host a couples care (small) group on marriage, and have many other things we help with. My biggest hope for getting things cleaned and organized is maximizing the time we have to work instead of my hunting down of what I left and where. :-)

I’ll post new pics as things come together. At least this blog post will hopefully not invoke such passion as it’s wood based. Hmm—wasn’t Jesus a carpenter? :-)

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