Saturday, March 7, 2009

Air Filter Arrived!

That’s a peek down the inside of the new Wynn Environmental filter - the 9E300BL one. I’m anxious to get some cutting done and get this puppy mounted on my Grizzly dust collector. Once I get it mounted and that, I’m going to move it over to a more permanent location and run one trunk of at least 6 inch pipe to the unit. The only problem with that is the PVC to “air pipe” sizing. It’s just frustrating to measure stuff and see the differences. I can get adapters for the 4 inch stuff very easily through my local Woodcraft store, but the 6 inch stuff might be a bit more difficult.

And . . . there’s always duct tape. :-)

I know there’s a moral in that story . . . . heheh!

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