Sunday, March 8, 2009

Super Sucker Cleanup

Ok—I’m not going to argue the virtues of the dust collection in modern psychosis treatment . . . but my therapy session is all about cutting up wood. Hmm . . . I’m on the Lumberjocks site so I guess I’m in the right place. :-)

My first order of business was making sure I was properly protected. I was cutting the wood outside to boot on a nice windy day . . . that helped. Gotta love 70 degree days!

(I’m smiling under that dust mask!)

The first order of business was to make a decent way to cut a hole in my 3/4” MDF. I used a 1/4” bit and a nail in this little jig:

After a few passes at a time I had this circle cut out:

That will fit in my Grizzly dust collector just like so:

But the only problem with the new setup was—it stood at 78”. The garage door track and I-beam in the house are at 76”. This was going to be a small problem This is the photo AFTER I modified the height:

To change the height I chopped 3” out of the pipes that hold the dust seperator section:

And this is where I took it out of. I put the bracket down in the chop saw and then after cutting the pipe I welded it all back together and sprayed some paint back on it.

And while I was in a painting mood I also found some green paint that I sprayed on. I used a grey primer base and on the other side I primered it white . . . just because I had ran out of one color. The green ended up being pretty close when sprayed over the other color:

So here’s what the whole thing looks like now, with new clearance for the filter. The trash can was just sitting there when I removed the support pipes.

I still need to actually attach the ring to the dust collector. I driled holes around the perimeter of the top ring. I’ll screw the ring I made into place and caulk the gap. I can’t wait to try it out. My bolts holding it down are too short and not the right ones. I actually have some nice plastic wing nuts to attach the dust collector. My filter is also just temporary—as Wynn Environmental is sending another one. Mine actually was quite beat up in transit . . I suspect it was on the FedEx truck that crashed not far from my home town. :-)

So far so good . . . but I have an over abundance of stuff that needs to be put back up again! Hehehe . . .another day’s project.

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