Friday, March 13, 2009

Lid Is On

Last night I rushed home to get the lid on the trash can holder. I was pretty anxious to move the box one step closer to done status. It’s still not done . . .need to add some trim and other things to make it look “purty” but I think it’s getting there. A master craftsman I’m not . . . but my mistakes are a learning experience. :-)

Yep . . that’s the trash can (with trash even) in it’s soon to be new home. I haven’t sanded the lid areas that I cut out, so everything is a bit rough . . . and you can see where my jointer blades had the nick. DOH! I gotta make a tool to change those, and then sharpen the offending ones. Hmm.

The door jam holder thingy was a throwback from my daughter’s early days . . . not wanting to have a door shut on tiny fingers. My wife grabbed it and fit it to at least keep the door from banging down and to make it easier to open. I’m going to put trim around the plywood edges there . . . or something. I don’t know what yet. It’s a work in progress . . . remember? I had a Bible reading this morning that reminded me of that very thing—last night I was pretty critical of my work. For some reason I expect “perfection” in my items, when I know I haven’t been doing this too long . . . so my skiils aren’t where they need to be yet. It goes back to the same thought on my spiritual life . . . I’m not perfect nor will I ever be, but I have to keep practicing and learning each and every day. Sometimes I just need that reminder . . . the trash can holder might be a good way to reinforce that for a while. That’s metaphorically so true in so many different ways. ;-)

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