Friday, March 6, 2009

Bought Wood - Where Can I Buy Time?

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So last weekend we were forecasted to get a big snowstorm here in KC, and this time the forecasters really did know what they were talking about. I anticipated this and went out for a couple of sheets of 3/4 Baltic Birch plywood and two 8 foot 1×8’s. I figured that would give me the materials to keep working through the weekend, because I wouldn’t want my 2wd Dakota out and about in the snow. I got the wood, and aside from trying to stick my thumb in some falling sheets of plywood, all went according to plan.

The weekend didn’t quite go as planned. Peggy and I helped out with some members from our church with a young mother that needed moving at the last minute. The factor that my projects lack most right now is simply time to get things done. We’re constantly on the go or having things that are a part of our daily routines. Kids on one night (visitation) . . . church caregroup on another . . . Iron Man’s group (men’s caregroup) on another . . . helping with Peggy’s mother with shopping . . . going to my parents . . . kids every other weekend. Whew! It’s a wonder we know heads from tails some days.

So this is just a “catch my breath” type post. I think this weekend we’ll work on cutting up the wood for the cabinets and putting them together. Hopefully we can make a little progress on that . . . because my “cheap” plywood is working very quickly on becoming a bowl on it’s own. I slapped a couple of clamps on the sheets the other day to arrest their movement . . . but I fear it’s not long before they’ll be WAY outta shape. Yikes. I looked and they said “MADE IN CHINA” . . . go figure. Ooof. Read this article on cheap plywood . . . kinda gives me a shudder just thinking of it.

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