Saturday, March 28, 2009

Somewhere . . . someday . . . somehow . . .

I guess spring fever must have hit, last weekend I spent some time changing the plugs in my truck . . . luckily a four banger with plenty of access. While I was out there I saw two eyesores beside my shed . . . testimonies to past “What was I thinking?” projects.

One was a boat step and the other was a boat . . .uh . . . air conditioner setup. The step worked, but since the boat moved and there was a plank to the dock, some people didn’t quite appreciate the movement of the two in concert. The air conditioner setup was a feeble attempt at building a “self contained room cooler” for use on the aforementioned boat. After experiencing numerous problems in cooling properly, I ditched that setup and went with my own “hatch air” setup and had a nice cool boat. (Lesson learned—someone engineers stuff for a living and you should go with your gut and follow them . . . not what someone else thinks could work.)

But I digress . . . (and sound bitter, which I’m well past) . . . and these two lumps of wood were still harboring memories and taking up space. I got busy with my drill and dismantled them both, but the frame for the boat step ended up being a perfect height to go above the motor on the “Super Sucker Dust Collector”. I grabbed some bungee cords and began a fastening fest to attach the wood frame to the platform for the dust collector. I put the garbage can with the cyclone separator on top of that and viola—a self contained solution. (Pics coming soon!)

Another snow storm is barreling down on the midwest . . . the last time one was forecasted I ran out and got the wood for my cabinet project. The wood is still in the garage . . . we’ve been busy every weekend since. I’m hoping that it does snow and we can curl up and make some sawdust. :-) I’ll let you know how it goes!


Coopdevillan said...

Howdy Bradley and how are you ? I am looking over your garage to see if I can find your 2006 "AC Boat Box". I to have this project going for other reasons. But I cant find any photos. I am soooooo annoyed with the project at this point but am ALMOST there. I was hoping you could lend a hand. Sorry for posting off topic but I cant find a email. THANKS Bradley !!

Coopdevillan said...

If you find the time my email is