Saturday, February 7, 2009

Almost There - The Mega Model

I don’t know how many people have went to this extreme, but it’s about the only thing I have time to do right now . . . it takes very little time to add/refine to the Sketchup model. Here’s what the garage looks like in it’s current form . . it’s about 90% there. I don’t have some things in there yet, but it’s a pretty good picture:

Right now the biggest thing is the clutter . . . the “before” photos were a bit of a worst case scenario. The empty spot in the pic along the back wall is where the one worktable I had was, so the MGB clutch parts and old RC car stuff got booted in the floor. There’s just a ton of stuff that needs to be put away properly, but figuring out what’s good/bad/etc.. is the key. I’ve had some nibbles on my Craigslist items, but nothing else has sold. It’s probably time to drop the prices a bit more and give them another round of listing.

Speaking of which—I still follow along on Freecycle/Cheapcycle lists and snagged a pair of Carhartt Bib insulated overalls for working in the garage. That’ll help a lot on keeping my jeans and clothes from getting mangled in the garage. They look pretty toasty and fit really good. A little snug around the midrange, but that’s just my gut. :-) Working out a bit in the garage and elsewhere will help that. ;-)

This weekend hopefully we can get some more time to get stuff off the floor. There’s a truck seat that will be gone soon, so that’ll free up space, and some other things will be given the boot also. Maybe I’ll get that plywood out and build a shelf under the one workbench to gain some space and get that thing out of my sight. I’d love some overhead cabinets right there for storing things, but it’s the question of building or buying . . I know which is cheaper and what takes the most time. Sigh

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