Thursday, February 5, 2009

Craigslist - Going Outbound

Ok—two success stories last night. I got rid of one cheesy (cheap) toolbox that I bought years ago for the princely sum of $40 . . . some happy owner has a new $10 toolbox for his grandson. The most important part is I have more floor space! As you can see in the recently updated Sketchup drawing . . .I need it!

So the plan is to keep on selling/giving away/trashing what I don’t need. Thus far I’ve discovered that if you put it on Freecycle/Freebie type listings people will stiff you on showing up, but if you attach a price tag to it they’ll beat the door down. I sold some old aluminum wheels also last night for $25, so I’m making a little money here and there on items. I have my eye on some nice Carhartt Bib overalls which would be great for a work outfit in the garage (presently $15). I’m eyeing a piece of plywood that has been an eyesore in my garage for a LONG time:

My most recent idea was using some cheesy (but free) plastic “wanna-be” pegboard stuff on it to make it functional at least. I’m going to ditch the “pegboard” and instead cut it up and use it for a shelf under one (or more) of my workbenches so stuff isn’t on the floor. The stereo cabinet and old workbench/storage/water bed thing are next up on the chopping block for Craigslist fodder. The 2nd Shopsmith might just hang around as a turning station for my wife (Peggy) to experiment with. (Yea—I’m very blessed . . . I don’t use my garage as a “man-cave” to ditch my wife . . . she’s right beside me, as it should be.)

So even if it’s little things, I think I’m making progress. Last night I took a few minutes to put together my Shopsmith tendon jig that was new in the box from my Craigslist find. I’ve got a list of things I’m missing from various parts of my jointer and my mortising tool—so that’ll be an upcoming purchase. My floating table from eBay is on the way and could be here on Friday or Saturday. Good times! ;-)

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