Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Goodies - Part 2

Ok—so I have a TON of sawblades, 90% of them Shopsmith ones with some oddball Craftsman and other varieties in there. I grabbed a basket to put them in, many of them still NEW in the case. (No banging around at least!) I’ll have to come up with a better solution someday, but this will work for now.

I got some more miter gauges . . . the plastic storage unit ended up a good temporary solution to accomodate accessories for now. I’d like to build a mobile storage cabinet down the road to have everything right there.

Oh this is just the fun drawer. A stacked dado set, multiple arbors (not counting some already mounted), router bits, and all sorts of other goodies. Many things all new unopened. In the depths there are some extra jointer blades too.

Inside the faceplate box is a whole bevy of sand paper rolls, various sizes of drum sanders and that big one hiding beneath the fence straddler.

And the ultimate in toys . . . and now that I know more about them. . . the real “wow” factor:

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