Friday, February 27, 2009

Computer Desk - April 2007

I did this one in 2007 for my daughter’s fifth birthday. She picked out the color . . . couldn’t you tell? (And it was a Disney color, so that carried a premium . . LOL!) I designed it to make the best use of her small room and incorporated a feature I always wanted to do—a sunken monitor. The entire unit was made out of MDF and primed/painted. My only design flaws, was after getting the desk done, I swapped to a more powerful computer and it didn’t have the CD tray in the exact same place . . . so the hole didn’t work out right. Then the new place they moved to was arranged differently so the opening is now facing the wrong wall. And . . . (as if this wasn’t already funny enough) the monitor died on it . . . but it should allow for any 17” sized monitor . . I hope! The only thing that might be awkward is the shelf/monitor clearance. Of course new lower-cost LCD panels also have obsoleted this design—as I was trying to get it compact. (And now she has a laptop . . . go figure!)

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