Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Super Sucker Success! (Try saying that three times!)

So over the weekend I stopped by the individual who sold me the dust collector. For another $20 I got 30 foot of 4” hose and some connectors. I then went from there to the Woodcraft store and purchased a cyclone separator lid and some other fittings to adapt to the 2 1/2 ports on the Shopsmith and called it a day. I know when it’s more time/money efficient to just purchase something rather than jumping through the hoops. $25 got me into protecting the impeller blades on the dust collector and some rudimentary cyclonic action. Down the road I can add a baffle to help keep dust down.

After finishing putting the Shopsmith 510 back together, and adjusting the table I was ready to roll. My son was staying this weekend to work on the gunrack project that I gave him for Christmas. We purchased the wood and I drew up the plans with the intention of us building the rack together. He was having a bit of a problem understanding the dust collector’s purpose or the time that I was taking getting everything squared up properly. After showing him the “square” edges on the store purchased wood, I think he might have understood a bit better. The clean area under the Shopsmith (and thus no saw dust being tracked in) was a hit with Peggy as well as myself. :-)

Tonight the cleaning of the garage will continue—we’ll work on getting the garbage can holder project done.

This will free up the room that it’s taking up in front of the MGB. After wrestling the hoses for the dust collector I can see the virtues of a solid setup. I think the solution will be to put the dust collector back over in the corner where the old derelict table saw was residing. Hmm . . . but that’s where the chopsaw (read SPARKS) hangs out. Oh I just toss my hands up in the air sometimes trying to figure out things. If the car was on roller skates I could gain a bit more room, but the bikes and lawn mowers are in the way. I’m still harboring some used tires too. Grr.

Well . . . we’ll get this all figured out. My dad and I had some time to look at the dust collector and figure out a way to hook a dial indicator to the tendon jig for the Shopsmith. Once the gunrack is done as well as the trash can, the back wall is getting storage cabinets.

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