Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Progress - Sweet, Sweet, PROGRESS!

The pictures don’t tell the whole tale, but they give you a glimpse. I wish we had a time lapse version of what’s happening in the garage, but I’m not taking the time to setup a web cam there. You can see the progress for yourself:

And as you can see . . . it’s actually pretty close to my model. For right now we’re going back into a defensive mode and getting projects that were started (aka – the trash can holder) done and off our plate. Then we can move forward. I’d like to have some cabinets across the top of the garage. The file cabinet storage actually ended up being more useful than I first thought. One drawer now holds the grinder, another a scroll saw, another a mini-lathe and the last the Shopsmith Ringmaster.

I have an absurd number of drill bits and other doo-dads. I’d like to have something to organize those. Peggy (my wife) will be going through the huge boxes of nuts/bolts/etc… and sorting them all into plastic bins. The plastic bins I’m thinking will go onto some type of storage device with layers so I can get a lot of stuff in there. They are the Harbor Freight grey ones that hang on a plastic piece. I think that I could make a sliding panel to hold two layers of them and make them easily accessible. Hmm.

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