Friday, February 27, 2009

Planning Makes Perfect

Ok—as I learned on the garbage can holder, I think I need a bit more planning on my next project. I’ve in the past at least drawn out some sketches and worked from that . . . which is what I did to a certain degree on the trash holder but I didn’t flesh out all the details until I was in (over my head) on the project. Norm Abram I’m not.

So on to the next thing which will be some overhead cabinets for in the garage. I’ve always wanted something above the workbench area, so I thought this would be a natural progression. I’m envisioning using making two or three of them and to get them on the wall I’ll use a french cleat. Man—I’m suddenly learning new terms in this wood working thing. Hehehe!

I’ve been tinkering more and more with Sketchup and I think I know enough to at least be dangerous. My dad has tried his hand at it and hasn’t quite got there yet . . . so I think I might need to impart some knowledge there too. (The blind leading the blind? LOL) Here’s what I have so far on my cabinet layout:

I tried running the thing through Cutlist 4.0 to see what I would need, but I have something off. It showed two bottoms out of a 4×8 sheet . . . and then kind of didn’t do the rest right. Hmm. I’ll have to play around with how I have my components/etc… configured to see where the disconnect is. I’m assuming that Cutlist will give me a good idea of what the waste should look like on a 4×8 sheet of MDF and how many sheets I’ll need. My daughter’s birthday is coming up soon and two years ago I built her a computer desk. This year I’m kicking around a headboard for her bunk bed. We’ll see how the garage cabinets go and see if I can slide in that project before her April 12th birthday.

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