Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sales Bonanza

Ah—the bliss of more room! I shuffled off one old Craftsman table saw, and the individual who was picking it up made me an offer on the small Montgomery Wards one too—so I got rid of them both!

(The picture is deceptive—that saw on the right is sitting on the main table for a Shopsmith 500—the blade was about 6 inches in size.)

So now the space that stuff was taking up can be reallocated to some more shelving. Next up will be getting rid of the huge honkin’ console stereo and in it’s place I’ll build some shelving for air tools and perhaps a surround for the air compressor to quiet it a bit.

This is the next project on the must complete list. I started on this and need to get it completed and in place in the kitchen. It’s a trash can holder and in the bottom we’ll have room for bags/etc. It will be on wheels so you can simply position it where you need it.

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