Saturday, February 28, 2009

What To Use?

Well, the weather forecast here is calling for snow this weekend. I’m anxious to have the garbage can holder done, but I want to keep right on going with projects. I’m contemplating loading up the truck tonight with some materials for the overhead cabinets—but I’m kind of wondering what I should build them out of. I’m leaning towards cheap and paintable—and light? I’m looking for some suggestions now so I can call around and get pricing information. A cheap particle wood cabinet just 24 inches in size was $75 at the local big box store . . . so I’d like to target all my wood for three cabinets worth in that range or a little more. (Each cabinet being 3 foot in size. According to my cut list I’m looking at 3 sheets of whatever I choose:

I know looking at it . . . I can probably squeeze it out of 2 sheets depending on how everything is cut. I’m going to use a french cleat system, so holding it up isn’t an issue . . . that’s why I’m doing three foot ones. Hmm. Any suggestions on materials?

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